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"...I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.(John 10:10b)

Read the above loaded Scripture again & again.

Jesus came to give life, not death.

Jesus came to raise the dead not kill the living.

Jesus came to give peace not crisis.

Jesus came to give health not disease.

Jesus came to give joy not sorrow.

Jesus is the answer to all world's question and solution to all world's crisis and afflictions.

Even much more!!!

Now as a Believer, where do I stand?

In partnership with Christ or in alliance with Devil, to kill men in style, steal joy in cuningness or selfishly destroy other people's destiny in secret?

A rapturable Believer will rather wait or suffer, enduring pain to get it rather than using any means of hook or crook method.

When greediness, coveteousness and selfishness show up, any means justify the end.

And there are lots of ends that may not justify the means.

Which is one of the reasons why the world is in this mess.

Believer slogan should be:

(1) "I will pray and wait till my changes come".

(2) "Others May, I can not".

(3) "I refuse to follow the multitude to do unrigtheousness".

Dear Lord, help Your inheritance to get it right and do it so, at this closing hour.

Do remember, according to the Scripture, that there remaineth a day of giving account.

May we not be ashamed on that great day.

Pst. Ade Adeleye

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